Tuesday, December 12, 2017


SWARM (Students With A Real Mission)

Summer Training - 2011 
Brittany Smith (Sr.) works with new mentors at the summer training.  SWARM Mentors create a "human machine" as a team-building exercise.
Skyer Stites (Sr.) helps new mentors plan an activity. Mrs. Stephanie Ross (SWARM advisor) discusses the role and responsibility of a mentor.
SWARM Activities  
Mr. Dave Police introduces SWARM to the Class of 2015. SWARM members and their mentor get to know each other by playing a game of "Knots."
SWARM members get into the Halloween spirit by competing in the "Best Mummy Contest."  

Benefits of a Peer Helper Program

Peer helping assists youth to feel capable, understood, and responsible.  Peer helping teaches young people decision-making skills to help combat negative peer pressure and provides youth with communication skills to understand others and to be understood themselves.  In addition, peer helping enables youth to learn action skills to prevent substance abuse, enhance self-esteem, reduce loneliness, promote  health, and support academic and personal achievement.  Peer helping also contributes to the climate of care and respect needed in a high school.  By establishing a peer helper program, schools and community organizations teach youth how to help, not hurt, others.  This will be a support system that will exist all school year for incoming freshmen.

What Can Freshmen Expect?

  • fun activities
  • small-group discussions
  • outside speakers
  • goal setting
  • great role models
  • academic and personal support and resources
  • smoother transition to high school

           2011 Schedule and Mentors
                2011 SWARM Schedule
                2011 SWARM Mentors

               What Our Mentors Say

"I think SWARM allows freshmen to have a place where they can ask questions and not be alone. It is a place where they know their peers are feeling the same way.  It gives them an opportunity to ease into the changes of high school."                       
Audrey Stuckey (senior)

"It gives the freshmen confidence and the idea that it is ok to speak up and talk without being scared or shy.  When I was a freshman, it was nice knowing that there was at least one upperclassman that I could talk to if needed."
                                           Lindsey Koza (graduate)