Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Academic Superbowl

Academic Superbowl

Angola High School has fielded Academic Superbowl teams in Science, Fine Arts, English, and the Multidisciplinary subject areas.  At least one of those teams has represented AHS at the state finals in three of the last four years.  Each year a state committee chooses a topic which all teams study from their team's perspective.  Ex. If the Civic War was the topic the English team might study literature of and about that period while the Science team would be studying scientific discoveries of that time.   

Students of any grade level are welcome to become part of the teams as long as they are passing all classes.

Meetings are held at various times; before and after school as well as during resource periods. Competitions take place after school at various schools in northern Indiana. 

The purpose of Academic Superbowl is to offer interscholastic competition for those students interested in academic pursuits.  Students participating on the teams learn advanced research and studying skills in a fun setting.