Tuesday, December 12, 2017

National Honor Society


     The national organization for N.H.S. dictates certain rules which must be followed and allows the local school to form other rules within stated limits. All membership must be based on scholar-ship, leadership, service and character, and selection must be made by a five member council appointed annually by the principal.
     At Angola High School a member of the junior or the senior class is considered for eligibility at the beginning of the 5th or the 7th semester. 
     The most up-to-date grade point average is obtained and prospective candidates must have at least an 8.50 G.P.A. If this grade requirement is not maintained during a member‘s tenure in N.H.S., the sponsor will issue a warning to the person whose grades are in arrears. After one semester, any grade deficiency must be corrected or the member loses all rights of membership and cannot be reinstated nor graduate as a member of National Honor Society.
     Leadership is judged by what a candidate has done in school, church, and/or the community. No set number of offices held is required, but the person must have demonstrated that he/she is willing and able to lead others in constructive endeavors.
     Service to school, church, or community is expected of all national Honor Society members and a prospective member is evaluated on past activities and future prospects. Examples of service could be active roles in plays, sports, student government, music organizations, church or youth groups, and as classroom aides, tutors, or assistants.
     Once membership has been attained, a person must donate at least 15 hours of individual service each school year to some project of his/her choice. Every member also participates in socie-ty-wide larger projects decided upon by the membership.
     Character is a very subjective quality for the faculty council to judge. They look for strengths of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and self control.