Tuesday, December 12, 2017

What should I do if my student is ill and will have to miss school? How many days can a student miss?


Regular and punctual attendance is vital to deriving maximum success from the instructional program and to developing habits of responsibility, punctuality, and self discipline. It is also a requirement under the laws of Indiana as expressed in the Compulsory Attendance Statute (I.C. 20-33-2). Insuring that students consistently attend class on a daily basis is a responsibility that is shared by students, school officials, parents/guardians, and the general community.

When students are absent, a parent must call the attendance secretary by 8:45 a.m. on the date of the absence. (School begins at 8:10 a.m.)


The attendance line to the school is open by recording from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. The attendance secretary will be at school after 8:00 a.m. The items to report when making a phone call to the attendance line include the following:

1. Name of student.
2. Grade level of the student.
3. Specific reason for absence such as illness, doctor appointment, etc.
4. Name, phone number, and relationship (to student) of person making the call.

Students not having a parental phone call by 8:45 a.m. on the day of absence are considered unexcused or tardy. No notes will be accepted. However, other arrangements may be made if parents do not have access to a phone. Parents should notify the attendance secretary accor-dingly.

Parents not calling in will receive notification and reminders on the first instance. Second and successive instances may result in student disciplinary assignments.

Parents who have questions regarding these procedures should contact the school office.

Students not excused by a parent phone call will be required to stop at the designated at-tendance counter to sign in and get an office pass before returning to classes.


The school attendance personnel will make a reasonable effort to verify a student‘s unexplained absence from school during any part of the day, if any of the following conditions apply;


1. The student or the student‘s parent or guardian had not made prior arrangements for the student to be absent during the time not in attendance.
2. No other known reason exists for the student to be absent, i.e., late bus arrival, approved late arrival.
3. The student‘s absence from school has not been verified through regular attendance procedures, i.e., no pre-approved absence from class such as a field trip.
4. Enough time has elapsed that the student should be in attendance at school or in class other than reasons listed in 1 through 3.

When the above conditions apply, the attendance clerk or designee will attempt to contact the student‘s parent or guardian by telephone at a daytime number and state why the contact is being made.

During the conversation, it should be ascertained as to why the student is not at school. If contact is not made on the first attempt, a second and, if necessary, a third attempt will be made. Contact means actually speaking to the parent or guardian; it does not mean leaving a message on a machine, a beeper, a voice mail system, or a similar device. Leaving a message with an adult person is sufficient when it is apparent that the parent or guardian cannot be contacted personally.

Our attendance officer/assistant principal will make personal contacts with parents whenever possible. In addition, our computer calling system will call parents each evening regarding any type of unexplained absence.

Students who are absent from class more than five (5) days may become ineligible for grades and credit in classes. Any type of absence will be recorded.

Each faculty member will decide the participation requirements of attendance in his or her classes. Certain standards of attendance will be required in each class in order for students to be eligible for credits. Such standards will be given to all students at the begin-ning of each class. These items will be distributed to students, along with grading procedures and other course requirements, on a course syllabus. It is the students’ responsibility to meet the standards necessary for successful completion of each course. Standards and expectations may be different in various classes based upon the nature of the courses.

Generally, a 90% attendance rate will be required to be eligible for credit. Students attending less than the amount may need to make up time, complete projects, or do other re-quirements at the teacher’s discretion. There may be situations where repeating the course is the only reasonable way to proceed. This may be no fault of anyone, but rather a situation where credit cannot be awarded based upon the limited time a student was able to attend the class. Regardless, an explanation of procedure will be distributed to each student through a course syllabus. Student or parent questions may be directed to the AHS ad-ministration.

Students who accumulate three absences in a quarter may be requested to meet with their parents and school officials to discuss the issues around the absences. Any school assistance with creating regular attendance will be discussed. Absences exempt from this policy include those listed below as exempt. Documentation will be necessary (doctor’s letter, court summons, etc.) within five (5) days of the student’s return. These absences will not be applied toward the 5 day total.


1. Hospitalization/extenuating circumstances;
2. Serving as a page in the Indiana General Assembly;
3. School sponsored events;
4. Suspension / including the confined classroom;
5. Serving at the polls on Election Day with prior approval of the principal;
6. Court appearances which are documented by a probation officer or officer of the court;
7. Verified doctor or dental appointment not exceeding two hours (a statement from the physician or dentist may be required by the principal)

All other types of absences will count within the 5 day total. Some absences will be categorized ―excused‖but count within the 5 day total. Short term illness is an example. Other absences may be considered ―unexcused and count within the 5 day total. Oversleeping is an example.