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Does Angola High School have a dress code?


Neat, clean and appropriately dressed students contribute greatly to the image which a school presents to the public. Students are expected to wear their clothing and manage their appearance in a manner which does not disrupt the learning process. There are many clothing items available at local stores that are not appropriate in a school setting. Parents should share the responsibility for having their students appear in an acceptable manner that will contribute to a positive school image and an optimal learning environment. General
  • All outdoor jackets and/or coats are to remain in lockers.
  • Clothing, pins or accessories which promote, advertise, or glorify vulgarity, illegal substances (including alcohol, tobacco, drugs or drug culture), profanity, sexual connotations and/or express double meanings are unacceptable. This includes shirts emblazoned with corporate or restaurant names that contain suggestive wording or logos.
  • Underwear and lingerie worn as outerwear, “see through” apparel and sleepwear (including bedroom slippers) are unacceptable.
  • Shirts, blouses, and tops must have no visible cleavage.
  • Tank tops and shirts with spaghetti strapped tops are not allowed.
  • Tops and pants must meet at all times. This includes standing, sitting, and raising arms above the head. Pants and tops must come together at the waistline in a manner that does not allow undergarments or skin to show.
  • Jeans that have been cut, ripped, torn, or manufactured with holes are not acceptable.
  • Skirts, shorts, and dresses must be hemmed at an appropriate length (no more than 6 inches above the knee—dollar bill length). Cut-off shorts, boxer shorts, and biking/spandex shorts are not allowed.
  • Sagging or excessively baggy pants are inappropriate. The waistline of all pants must be at or above the hip bone.
  • Items that would be considered detrimental to the learning environment or potentially a safety issue are not permitted.
  • Chains and spiked jewelry are not permitted.
  • Sunglasses, hats, bandanas, and other similar headwear are not allowed during the instructional day. No dark or colored glasses are permitted unless prescribed by a physician or optometrist.
We believe students can dress comfortably within these guidelines. School administrators, faculty and staff reserve the right to determine if a clothing item or accessory is appropriate for school.

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