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Can my student drive to school? Are there any special parking permits required?

Driving to school is a privilege with great responsibility. Thus, it is for the benefit and protection of all students that certain rules be observed. Any violations will be cause for revoking the driving privilege. There is to be no loitering in the parking lot. Students are to enter the building immediately upon arrival. No students are to leave the building or school buses in the morning to go to the parking lot. Such violations will subject drivers to a loss of driving privilege.

Parking permits will be issued for the student parking and should be displayed at all times. Indiana traffic safety laws are to be observed. Students who park in unauthorized spaces or in the unauthorized faculty parking lots are subject to disciplinary action.

Any student found to be purposefully driving in the school lawn, at any time, will forfeit his/her driving privileges on school grounds for one calendar year from the date of occurrence. Any violation of such driving suspension will be grounds for suspension and/or expulsion. Payment of damages, as is routine for any school property damage, will be required. Reports will be filed with the City Police.

Other reckless driving reported in the parking area will be subject to driving privilege suspensions. Generally, a minimum one month suspension, and beyond, will be assigned according to the driving infraction. Excessive speeds, purposeful sliding and skidding are examples.

Angola High School and the MSD of Steuben County School Corporation will not be responsible for any damages to or loss of property, vehicles, or personal possessions on school grounds. Students may choose to drive vehicles and park them on school grounds at their own risk of loss or damage to the same, or their contents. In the interest of student safety and protection of student and staff property, surveillance cameras have been placed in parking areas and at main entrances.

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