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Can we have a "planned absence"? "What if I need to take my child to an appointment or college visit?


When students and parents need to request a ―planned absence, the student must obtain a Planned Absence Form from the attendance secretary. Two weeks advance notice is recommended for signatures and proper approval.

Upon parent request, students may receive a maximum of two (2) days excused absence. Stu-dents may also obtain forms for trips of an educational nature to be completed and submitted to the administration. Upon approval, certain educational trips may be considered as field trips.


Before receiving permission to leave the building and before signing out, a student with an appointment must have a parent call the attendance phone number or attendance secretary. The student must then obtain an Appointment Form at the security desk. This form must be signed by the doctor, dentist, etc. at the time of the appointment and returned to the office when the student returns to school.  IN ORDER TO KEEP CLASSROOM INTERRUPTIONS TO A MINIMUM, PARENTS ARE REQUESTED TO CALL IN THE MORNING WHEN NEEDING A STUDENT RELEASED FOR AN APPOINTMENT. (665-2186)

If a student has an A.M. appointment and will not attend school before the appointment, the student must pick up the form on the day before the appointment from the attendance secretary.  Parents should also call the office to let attendance know the student will be arriving late to school.


Seniors are permitted to visit colleges during the school day. These students must fill out a college visit form after contacting a college representative and turn the form in to the office one week in advance for this to be an exempt absence. Seniors are generally restricted to two college day visits during their senior year.




If, after arriving at school, it is necessary for a student to leave the school grounds for any reason, the student must receive permission and then sign out at the security desk. This includes arriving on the school bus or reaching school grounds by car. Students not doing this will be subject to disciplinary action.


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