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Daily ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Friday, October 15, 2021

Any seniors interested in visiting with Ball State on Tuesday, Oct. 26th need to sign up so we can send them a pass that day.  There will not be a bell because of testing so they need to be dismissed with a pass.

You can be a part of a team to grow Steuben County fitness and health! Steuben County ranks 58th of 92 counties. You can join the Angola Mayor, leaders from the Steuben County YMCA, Cameron Hospital, and the Angola Department of Parks and Recreation as a member of this group and make a difference in your community. Your ideas and skills are needed. Please let the office know of your interest and Senior Grace Gilbert will contact you.

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If you ever miss something in the announcements, they are posted on the high school website as well as in the display case just outside the office.

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